In the beginning


We enjoyed the hyper fireworks show, which is The “Seaside momochi Fireworks Fantasia FUKUOKA” has been held in 2017 through 17 years, is the world's most advanced, linking music and fireworks by 0.03 seconds to about 24,000 visitors. 

We will also hold a collaboration project with WEDDING CONCIERGE JAPAN LLC and Fireworks Fantasia FUKUOKA Executive Committee, which was held in the event titled "Fireworks Fantasia FUKUOKA photo Wedding”last year.


※ What is "Fireworks Fantasia FUKUOKA Photo Wedding"

A dedicated photo wedding venue was set up within the event. A photo wedding is held with 24,000 fireworks in the background, and an inbound photo wedding that invites a couple overseas is held.


Date and time

・Event title: Fireworks fantasia FUKUOKA 2019 photo wedding

・Event date: August 7th, 2019(wed)

                  ※There is a possibility that it is postponed to the next day 8th(Thu) by bad weather. 

                  ※The event will be cancelled if it cannot be held on a spare day due to bad weather conditions.

・Event place: 2-3-8, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka , Japan

・Event schedule time: 7pm - 8pm

・Time require for Preparation: 3pm - 10pm



Price & Details

【Price】JPY275000(TAX is included)


    ・Dress and tuxedo each one piece  

      ・Hair makeup(both of the Bride and Groom)

      ・Accessory(Bouquets, etc.)

      ・All photo data (over 200 data)

      ・location photo

      ・Assistant staff

      ・Two Fireworks entrance tickets

      ・Total coordinate

      ・A translater

      ・Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk<1twin room> (overnight stay)

         ※The date of check in 7th Aug and check out 8th Aug, 2 persons of Breakfast buffet are included.


※about dress match

    It will be carried out at the photo wedding Company's studio by the day before the event.


※About bringing in

   please prepare for yourself except for the items listed above.

   In addition, you do not have to pay any additional charges such as carry-on fees.


※About accommodation 

    check in 7th Aug and check out 8th Aug next day. The schedule cannot be changed.

    in addition, please you have to pay it yourself if this event postpone by any reason.


Participation conditions

・All couples who have been engaged or married within a year are eligible.

 In addition, nationality and the elapsed years after the marriage does not matter.


Attention on applications

・All charges associated with this event, such as airline tickets and lodging expenses, will be borne by you.

   ※“All charges associated with this event”means all expenses of the hotel and the ticket, etc. 

     Please understand it beforehand. However, the lodging expenses on August 7 are excluded.


・The person who can come to Japan by the day before the event, and the costume match in a partner 

   company.If this event is cancelled for any reason, the cost will not be guaranteed. 

   please understand it beforehand.


・Those who can participate in the event of the photo wedding in consideration when the event is   



・Please note that we are not responsible for any damages such as accidents, injuries, loss or theft at the 

   venue, including from Japan to returning home (overseas customers).


・Please refrain from the duplicate application of the substitute of the representative.


・If there are many applicants, it will be a lottery. At that time, we will contact the elected 

   representative.Winners and accompanying companions may not be transferred to other persons. 


・Events may be changed or cancelled in the event of unforeseen circumstances caused by weather or 

   natural.When this event is discontinued, photo wedding photography will be carried out in the studio of 

   the partner company.Please understand it beforehand.

・In the event, filming and coverage by the television station are conducted.The person who can consent to 

   the interview and the photography willingly when taking a picture. 

・This event may be used as a photo, video material or product. In addition, the use of the right of the 

   portrait in this case belongs to the Organizer (event planning company) as an inclusion of the contents of 

   the event. Please understand it beforehand. 

・Passport with a valid period until the date of departure is required. Please pay attention to the lack of the 

   remaining expiration date of the passport and the deficiency of the visa. In addition, in the case that it 

   becomes difficult to come to Japan and return home due to a defect, the affiliated company including our 

   company cannot assume the responsibility at all.

・Handling of rainy weather, etc. 

   In the event of rain (light rain) that does not affect fireworks, the fireworks display will be held in conjunction       with the photo wedding.

   In addition, it shall be decided in consultation with the person in charge of the venue in the event of a  

   fireworks display due to bad weather. If the fireworks display is postponed, the next day will be carried out 


・During the shooting, there is the possibility of coverage by some TV stations.In that case, your name and face 

   are posted in the media. Please understand it beforehand.

・In the future, there are cases where we’ll use photo materials in some medias etc.


【The scene of last year’s hanabi photo wedding fantasia fukuoka】

・Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OI0mgm5gOqg&t=18s



About the application


1)application deadline

   Friday,June 7, 2019

※Depending on the selection status, the date may go back and forth.please be aware in advance.


2)The results of the selection

   selection result we are planning for the end of June

※in case of a large number of applicants, after the application period is over, we will decide one couple by 

   a carefully selected lottery.

3) Notification method of lottery results

The person who is selected by lottery will be notified by e-mail. please let us know your each information. (1) Your and his or her name, nationality, (2)Address, (3) Marriage registration date or Expected date of marriage registration (4)Age, (5) Height, (6) Two people's face and whole body photographs, (7) Contact e-mail address,  (8) Please apply from the following email address after attaching the photograph of you two . In addition, we never provide personal information to third parties except for the event planning except for the related companies.


Image of the venue

スクリーンショット 2019-04-22 15.46.20.png
Image of the stage north facing the venue
Image of the stage north facing the venue
photo stage